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Charco del Palo in times of the Corona virus

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So far I have been very quiet here in my blog in view of the current situation around the corona virus, although we are of course very affected by the current situation here on site. This was partly because I didn't want to unnecessarily spread worries or fears among our holiday guests and partly because we had our hands full the last few weeks to handle the situation. Lots of flight changes, rebookings, cancellations, early departures, guests returning from the airport because their flight was canceled, rental car contracts had to be changed etc.

Now I can no longer be silent with our holiday apartments here.

Since March 14th (that's now more than two weeks) there has been something like a curfew in Spain, the people who live here, even the holiday guests who were still on site, were only allowed to go to the doctor, pharmacy, supermarket or to buy cigarettes (!) When going to work, this had to be confirmed by the employer. Oh yes, and you were allowed to go for a walk with the pet...

Starting tomorrow (March 31st), the exit ban will be tightened again. All companies in non-essential sectors - including us - have to send their employees home. This is supposed to apply until April 9th, with few in Spain doubting that this will not be extended again.

Car rental companies are decommissioning thousands of rental cars to keep costs down. Apartment complexes are "mothballed" and so far possible protected against break-ins and possible looting, as are we. In the tourist sector, periods of 2-3 months are addressed until tourism can possibly start again. Some optimists are still expecting May.

During the second half of March, it became quieter in our holiday apartments. The guests had to leave their apartments by March 26th at the latest, sometimes in unsightly conditions, at best with a flight home, in the worst case with "internment" in a controlled hotel, but thank God none of our guests had to suffer this .

A few very few guests have rented private accommodation and have been put into "house arrest", which is fine after consulting the police.

I wish all people in this world that this state of affairs will end as soon as possible and that we will be allowed to return to a "normal" life!

I also ask all people to really inform themselves about this virus, there are many doctors, virologists and pandemic experts, even those who do not work for the pharmaceutical industry and therefore dare to say things that others do not tell. Please form your own opinion!

Ute Wich:
Wir wünschen Ihnen und uns, dass diese Surrealität bald vorüber ist und wir bald - ohne ein schlechtes Gewissen zu haben - wieder die Welt und das schöne Lanzarote genießen können. Bleiben Sie gesund!

Danke! Ich wünsche auch allen Gesundheit!

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posted: 30.03.2020