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Arrival on Lanzarote after Corona

Arrival on Lanzarote after Corona
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Below some information about what to expect when you arrive on Lanzarote and during your stay on the island.

On arrival at the airport you will be asked to fill in a form with details of your recent medical history, your home address, your contact details and your location on Lanzarote. You may even be given this form already in the plane, or you can download it from the airline's website.

The Spanish Ministry of Health has provided the following link, which you can use to complete the form online:

(language can be selected at the top right)

Who needs to complete the FCS Health Check Form?

All people from other countries that travel to Spain, regardless of their nationality, age or other factors.

In the airport building in Arrecife, your body temperature is measured with thermal cameras and you are monitored by medical staff.

Only if any of these three steps should cause concern, you will be tested for the Covid-19 virus at the airport. If the test result is negative, everything is OK for your entry. If the test result is positive, you will be taken to an accommodation that has been set up for this purpose.

Masks are required during the flight and in the airport building, probably already at your departure airport. There is also information that the mask on the plane has to be changed after 4 hours.

In addition, in Spain you always have to wear a mask if you cannot keep at least 1.5 meters minimum distance. In practice, this usually means in shops and on public transport.

You should always have a mask with you if you get into a busy street or area.

The minimum distance of 1.50 meters is ensured by the arrangement of the tables, so there is no need to wear a mask. Only when entering, leaving, or going to the toilet.

Restaurants usually provide disinfectants at the entrance.

Credit card payment is welcome to avoid cash.

Menu cards no longer exist. The restaurants are very inventive with alternatives. Download a QR scanner app to your smartphone.

the most important thing is the minimum distance to other bathers! But of course everyone who lives in the same apartment can also lie on the same towel ;) In addition: Please do not leave any rubbish at the beach!

Masks are generally required here, and supermarkets usually also provide disinfectants or gloves or both at the entrance. Temperature is also measured in some large supermarkets.

Apartment owners should adhere to the hygiene rules, everything should be clean and disinfected, clean bedding and disinfectants in the apartment should also be guaranteed.

Here you can find information about how, for example, the Las Piteras holiday complex is preparing for its guests: corona_safety_hygiene_las_piteras.pdf

Very useful information. Thanks.

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