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Corona - time of awakening

Corona - time of awakening
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My father said to me recently, it would be very difficult times. Others talk of bad times, even terrible times, at best I heard people speak of «very special times». Myself, I think it's just about a time of awakening. Of awakening from a dream. A dream that we lived in the past, a dream of freedom, of wealth, of individualism and of the realization of our own life dreams. A dream that we lived in the past. But this begs the question, does the past even exist? Does the future exist? At best, the past and the future exist in our brains! Only the present is the time in which we live and feel.

At the turn of the millennium, I had the feeling that the century of great wars was over. 19 years ago to the day, I was taught otherwise. It's always been about the same thing. It's always been about fear. In this respect, nothing has changed, neither on September 11th, 2001, nor today during times of coronavirus. In my youth, we, children of the oh-so-beautiful western world, we were afraid of nuclear weapons, of the Russians, the communists, later of the terrorists or other, somehow politically radical-thinking people, of asteroids falling to earth and of volcanoes threatening to break out. And today, of a virus. No, the wars haven't stopped.

If I walk a fine line that has no handrail on either the right or the left side, then I am not doing so with the belief that I cannot fall into the depths. On the contrary, I do so, well aware of the danger that I will certainly have to reckon with death if I take a wrong step. That's why I concentrate on the path, no matter how narrow and dangerous it is. I don't listen to anyone, I just rely on my sensory organs and my perception, because it's the only thing I can really trust in.

And I don't like to get involved in discussions, because they don't lead to anything. Those who have knowledge, know it anyway. And I will not be able to convince the ignorant ones with my words, no matter how well they are argued. Because there is no universal truth, just as there is no universal justice. Everyone has their own truth that they trust in and shouldn't leave.

Am I afraid too? I would like to answer like this: Fear is basically a good feeling. Fear wants to warn us of a danger. Fear wants to tell us that we should take certain measures to avoid being in danger. Yes, I am afraid too, and I too take measures in my life, in our life, so that the danger can be overcome. Smaller, more externally visible measures, and also larger ones, that tend to affect the inside and are not visible from the outside. Just as we have always done, in the morning hours, after waking up, to do certain things to ward off dangers that lurk during the day or to prevent them from arising in first place. So that in the evening, when you go back to horizontal position, to dreaming, you can let go of the dangers and fears that lurk daily in order to be able to plunge back into the protected space of dreaming.

Past and future only exist in our brains. But we live in the present and at the moment it's bright as day - dreamless.

Hallo wir haben für Anfang November bei euch gebucht. Ich hoffe das die Reisewarnung aufgehoben wird. Wie ist die Lage in Charco? Geht es allen gut? Haben die Restaurant und der Supermarkt geöffnet? Gruß Stefan

Hallo Stefan, Lili´s Pub hat abends geöffnet, und das Restaurante Tropical tagsüber. Die Restaurants in Mala und Arrieta sind auch weitestgehend geöffnet, genau so wie der Supermarkt in Charco del Palo. Ansonsten ist es sehr ruhig hier und wunderschön !!! Auch das Wetter!

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posted: 11.09.2020