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New start for Lanzarote

New start for Lanzarote
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This night at 24:00h the alarm status in Spain will come to an end. Tomorrow there will arrive the first flights from inside Spain. But we go on having a new health law which rules wearing masks, minimal distances etc, masks always if it’s not possible maintain the 1.5meter distance. It's also forbidden to have body contact when making sports, limitation of accumulation of people goes also on, inside closed rooms 300 persons and outside 1,000.

Mallorca already has it's first scandal, they send many people back to Germany because only authorized flights and bookings where permitted as it is a pilot project for Spain. Airlines and tour operators did big mistakes, but also the tourists should have verified there status... all together one can say it was very bad communicated.

On all Spanish airports they installed invisible cameras to measure the passengers body temperature without that they know it. But there will be no obligatory virus tests for incoming travellers.

There will arrive just very few people during July compared to last year and only some hotels will be opened, but some of them will not open before October. Many bars restaurants and shops are closed in Puerto del Carmen and in the other tourist sites who will not open again. The economic disaster still to come...

In Las Piteras we are prepared to receive our guests again! The first of them will arrive June 29th! But generally for our business in Las Piteras I guess, it will start to recuperate from September on, even if there are already reservations before.

So if you still don´t know where to pass your summer holidays, come to Las Piteras!

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posted: 20.06.2020