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The shop in the village

The shop in the village
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I'm without coffee in the cupboard. Fefo, boss of Supermercado Pedro opposite of my house, he doesn´t have either. And he will not have any more as he sold the last one last week before stopping his business. Although the small store was not longer up to date and Fefo not longer the youngest, but there were oranges, vegetables, eggs, milk, laundry detergent, pasta, rice, butter and whatever else life requires, such as toilet paper. Juana, my neighbor, she is over 80 years old, is probably now provided with groceries by her family, and I will go shopping by car. In the past we where used to have two grocery stores in our little village, now none.

Our holidaymakers have the fortune that there is a small shop in Charco del Palo where they can stock up on fresh rolls or sun cream. For that I love these little shops, and wish that they could continue to spoil all of us here with their service.

Dear friends and guests, please let us do the shopping in the village, otherwise, we have to go one day to Arrecife to buy the coffee!

At least Fefo has a car, so he can do his shopping in Guatiza from now on, or in Arrieta, there is also a great store, or just in Charco del Palo. The voting ticket is given daily at the supermarket checkout, not at the polling station!

With this in mind, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Schade!!!! Wir haben auch immer mal gerne bei Fefo das Eine oder Andere eingekauft.LG Silvia

ja schade...

Ute Johanna:
Schade, wir waren auch immer gern bei Pedro einkaufen und in den Anfangsjahren haben wir dort sogar nach Deutschland telefoniert. Es ist traurig, dass die kleinen Ur-typischen Läden immer mehr verschwinden. LG Ute Johanna

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The shop in the village
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The shop in the village

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