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What I just read in EL MUNDO

What I just read in EL MUNDO
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Even more striking is the case of Charco del Palo (Lanzarote), in the media it was reported from this small village to be officially declared as the first naturist village in the world, where you go completely nude shopping, bring the garbage out or also to go bare to have dinner.

Alexander Ott, «jefe de reservas» from Las Piteras -naturist complex in Charco del Palo- where he manages 36 apartments, emphasizes especially the tranquility of this place, which is highly appreciated by both residents and holiday guests. «Many times I receive inquiries from holidaymakers who want to know how this is handled with nudism here, some also like to think they do not want to practice naturism at all. After a few days then you'll see them walking naked alongside the beach» says Ott, who greatly appreciates the support of the city administration: «We were declared to be the first official naturist village worldwide, and thanks to the fact that there are neither fences nor barriers you can leave your house without clothes and walk through the village without any problem. Further we don´t know about discrimination from neighbors.»

(did I really say this ?)

Me encantaría visitar ese lugar por ser un naturista convencido, aunque no lo he practicado nunca, pero para mí significa hallar la libertad que no existe en el interior de la península. Es un sueño que quisiera cumplir, campar desnudo sin ningún conflicto, tal como nos ha hecho la naturaleza. Ese lugar se me antoja el paraíso.

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posted: 25.05.2017